Monday, April 25, 2011

Review: "Power of the Poppy" by Kenaz Filan

The first thing I noticed upon cracking open the beautiful cover of Power of the Poppy is how tediously researched it is. From archaeological reports to the Islamic drug trade, the history discussed in this work is phenomenal. You don't have to be a credited scholar to enjoy this book nor do you have to be a user. Power of the Poppy is for both the studied and the curious.

After an extensive read on the history of the poppy, the reader is brought into the world of its substances. From Heroin to Fentanyl, these drugs are explained well and presented in a comprehensive study which is both historical and practical. The author also has a keen sense of humor in several areas of the book which is a refreshing thing for such a touchy subject. 

There is also a rather large sliver of the book about famous users of the poppy. From DJ Screw to Lane Staley, several people (whom you might not expect) are profiled in the book and presented in what I think is an effort to transport the reader into the life of an opiate user.

And if you think this book is just a history lesson, you're wrong. The author takes the time to talk about the cultivation of the poppy plant, the different ways to implement it in your life, avoiding addiction, and even contains a section on staying clean once you're lucky enough to make the first step. Whether you're completely new to poppies or an opiate tolerant reader, there is something that will spark the interest of anyone in this book.

It is excellent and I highly applaud Kenaz Filan for writing it. I recommend it to anyone wishing to form a relationship with Poppy, or even just to have a different type of read.


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