Thursday, April 21, 2011

Horses with Elephant Ears

Recently I've begun to refresh myself on the Golden Dawn material which I delved deeply into when I first attained an interest in magick. I neglected it for a long time often irritably but I must accept the fact that it is a system that has worked rather well for me and clicks just as good. So I've been researching things I had forgotten (like the middle pillar ritual) and coming across studies I've yet to pursue. On a google frenzy I came across a site called Ritual Magick, a vendor that sells  a lot of beautiful Golden Dawn tools and ritual clothing. Of course I won't be paying the price but others with paychecks might as for me I must make things myself.

This actually brings a curiosity to my mind: How many others have studied and/or practiced this magickal system. If so what were your results and was it significant in your life? I'd like some feedback if anyone even actually reads this blog.

I've pretty much dedicated my life to studying magick and spirituality in general so I feel like intensely studying the Golden Dawn (who were a very influential order) is a very good stepping stone. Sure it's the cliche' of the community but it certainly holds a lot for the seeker, abundance being something I always appreciate.

This is really all I have to write about for now, but I'll think of something  for the next post.


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