Friday, April 1, 2011

The Other Parts of Me

I've noticed that the majority of my posts have been primarily about Haitian Vodou. This is what I intended for sure, but I wonder if it paints a different picture than it should. So I feel I must say that Haitian Vodou is not my only calling.

I have practiced (and still know) much of the "Golden Dawn" approach to ceremonial magick. That helped me immensely and has proved to be the launching point of my interests. I am (and was since the beginning) extremely interested in the many aspects of Hinduism. My interests in Hinduism were particularly around Shakti and a sect of Hinduism called "Aghora". For those of you that are not familiar with the sect, I will post a number of great videos about the subject:

The last three videos:

For people reading with Dial-Up: I'm sorry.

Anyway, Hinduism has always intrigued me and I have read a nice bit of literature on it. I've consulted my birth chart for my ishta devta (similar to the met tet in Vodou) and studied the gods that were near me. The only reason I have not pursued a Guru is because 1. I do not know where or how to go about finding one, and 2. It's just not time yet. I'm sure later down my path I'll have an opportunity.

Another thing that I am deeply interested in is the Traditional Ophidian Witchcraft and the Cultus Sabbati. I respect and am in awe of Mr. Chumbley very much and am currently studying his Azoetia. My interest in Traditional Witchcraft came from the Cain (Qayin) tradition at first and grew into a full interest in its many traditions. I'm also a decent (I can't complement myself) energy worker and artist (this relates to my magickal practice a lot.)

These are just things that are not related to the Afro-Caribbean traditions, but there are more things in the African traditions that I am drawn to than Vodou. An Afro-Brazillian tradition known as Quimbanda (Kimbanda, Kiumbanda,..,)is of a real interest to me even though I do not know a lot about it (yet). So, the point of this post was to open anyone who is reading up to all of the things I have going on in this nifty little head of mine.

April 1st, 2011

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