Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Frustrated Generation- A Tribute to Humor

This post is about the rebellious tendencies of adolescents who are raised in an closed minded and aggressive atmosphere. No specifications will be made for the sake of keeping the involved anonymous.

I'm from a town where Christianity is as routine as morning coffee. This is a place of fundamental ideas and many of the denizens tend to go with the "easiest route" in life. Quite obviously I do not fit in this misshapen puzzle whatsoever. The fact that I was being accused by the Baptist church of what they deemed "heresy" was nonetheless irritating. This motivated me to respond in a wide array of somewhat humorous antics in very bad taste. 

When I was at my home I would be mellow, polite and loving. But when I went into the public I liked to display the appearance of being "crazy" and the shenanigans that took place insinuated that much more. If I wasn't falling to the ground in a wide eared grin in front of horrified Sunday school kids, I was staging cunninglus with one of my best friends (who also happens to be male). This scared the shit out of practically everyone and burnt many bridges.

I did it simply out of frustration. If it wouldn't have been for the constant harassment of who I was and what I believed in by others this would've never happend. But of course if it hadn't I wouldn't have grown as much as I did from the experience. After all of this was said and done I can remember thinking to myself "I just got wisdom from rejecting everything" which in turn pointed me towards a deep interest in philosophy, which poked my mind in the direction it needed to go.

After doing all of this I have matured greatly. I have paid more attention to self-hygeine than I once did and have gotten much more intelligent. I know  this may not sound so profound when written, but when experienced- acting like an idiot can lead to a fruitful enlightenment. In the names of Sam Kennison, George Carlin and Bill Hicks- Comedy saves lives!

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